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Les Gros patinent bien, Cabaret de carton
Performance by: Pierre Guillois & Olivier Martin...
Le Fils du Grand Réseau

An imposing Shakespearian actor tells (in incomprehensible English, even to an inhabitant of Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564) of one man’s (his ancestor, perhaps?) incredible centuries-long journey through Europe; a man who, by the banks of a fjord in the remote Faroe Islands (in a particular year which has probably long since been forgotten) is cursed by a mermaid he’d absent-mindedly caught in frozen (yet salty) waters under the paradoxically wonderful auspices of the Northern Lights, which were bejewelled, at that very moment, by a late flight of cranes on their way to Africa.

Think you already know everything that can happen in a comedy? Le Fils du Grand Réseau takes the techniques of delivering a wildly humorous show to another level.

Molière 2022 - best performance

Cast: Pierre Guillois and Marc Riso 
Technical direction: Colin Plancher
Cardboard design: Charlotte Rodière
Prop master: Emilie Poitaux
Sound designer: Loïc Le Cadre
Costume adviser: Coco Petitpierre
Tour assistant: Thylda Barès
Production management: Colin Plancher 
Stage management: Eve Esquenet 
Photo credits: © Fabienne Rappeneau
Sound & light manager: Jérôme Pérez
International Distribution: Christelle Fleury
Distribution: Séverine André Liebaut, Scène 2
Administration: Sophie Perret
Administrative assistant: Fanny Landemaine
Production assistants: Margaux du Pontavice & Louise Devinck
Communication: Anne-Catherine Minssen, ACFM les Composantes
Producers:  Compagnie le Fils du Grand Réseau
Co-producers:  Ki M'Aime Me Suive, Le Quartz – Scène nationale de Brest, Carré du Rond-Point, Le Quai - CDN Angers Pays de la Loire, Tsen Productions, CDN de Normandie – Rouen, Le Moulin du Roc, Scène nationale à Niort, Comédie de Picardie, CPPC - Théâtre l’Aire Libre
Funding: Ville de Brest, Fonds SACD Humour/One Man Show, La Région Bretagne, Le Centquatre – Paris, Théâtre Sénart, Scène nationale
La Compagnie Le Fils du Grand Réseau is under agreement with the Ministry of Culture and Communication (DRAC Brittany)

Performance in French, with translation into Romanian and English
Duration: 1h 20min
Date of premiere: 09.09.2020
Original title: Les Gros patinent bien
The French and Francophone Seasons
Shows and Access

21 June, 20:00

”Radu Stanca” National Theatre - Big Hall   
1h 20min

22 June, 16:00

”Radu Stanca” National Theatre - Big Hall   
1h 20min