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By: Remue Menage
Remue Menage

“L’Envol” is part of an unusual experience: an invitation to look at our streets from a different point of view. A wonderful procession, an imaginary world unfolds: a troupe made up of crazy characters, precious and magnificent birds, they’re inviting us to follow them in their aerial dance, in a pop-rock flight of fantasy fuelled by their energy. Movement is the central point of this epic show, seen in the choreography as well as in the symbolism of animated objects. The earth and the sky are merging. The world is shifting under our feet. We get carried away by the dizziness, free as if we were flying.

Duration: 50 min
Original title: Envol
The French and Francophone Seasons
Shows and Access

22 June, 12:30

Pietonala Nicolae Bălcescu   

22 June, 20:00

Pietonala Nicolae Bălcescu