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The Legend of Hamelin, maybe The Story of the Transilvanian Saxons (online)
Directed by: Andrei & Andreea Grosu
Teatrul Naţional "Radu Stanca" Sibiu

The performance " The Legend of Hamelin, maybe The Story of the Transilvanian Saxons" is part of the Unteatru Mobile Season project, financed by SEE Grants 2014 - 2021 within the RO-CULTURE Programme

The street show " The Legend of Hamelin, maybe The Story of the Transylvanian Saxons" brings to the audience a story told through many voices over the ages. It is supposed that the first Saxons came to Transylvania from Hamelin. Their journey has been imagined by all authors fascinated by fairy tales and has been transformed into one of the most powerful stories about man's vulnerability to the truth. We invite you to discover the extraordinary adventure of people who decide to fight their own fear until they forget about justice, truth and even their own humanity. In this absurd struggle they lose everything. Even what seems to be unlosable. In the end, only one idea survives: man must be just before man, through truth.

Text: various texts
Cast: Johanna Adam, Emöke Boldizsár, Theodora Sandu, Ali Deac, Fabiola Petri, Daniel Bucher, Gyan Ros Zimmermann, Eva Frățilă, Daniel Plier
Stage design: Vladimir Turturica 
Original music: Mihai Dobre
Dramaturgy: Andrei și Andreea Grosu
Subtitles: Ioana Moldovan
Scenographic installation: Bård Lie Thorbjørnsen
Project management: Alexandru Ivănoiu 
Poster concept: Ionuț Vișan

Performance in German, with translation into Romanian and English
Duration: 50 min
Date of premiere: 24.06.2023
Original title: Legenda din Hamelin, o posibila istorie a sașilor
The Sibiu Season
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29 June, 16:00

30 LEI