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Spanish route (online)
Performance by: De la Vega

A Spanish cello and guitar duo from Barcelona, combining the elegance of the best Spanish Classical Music with the intensity and rhythms of Flamenco, nourished with classics such as the mystical Aranjuez Concert; starting with tangos, and passing through Asturias by Albéniz, to the joy that Flamenco music brings. Hispanic culture has always been characterised by being open to the world, sharing its art wherever it goes, known to celebrate life, embracing joy and pain, through song. The show is articulated through a story about experiences doing a special and adventurous route in Spain.

The immortal beauty of Hispanic music vibrates in this performance with overwhelming intensity.

Guitar: De la Vega
Cello: Raúl Heredia
Distribution: Flamenco Agency

Duration: 50 min
Date of premiere: 15.02.2024
Original title: Spanish route
The Spanish Season

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24 June, 18:00

30 LEI