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A Comedy of Operas
Directed by: Yllana

Multi award-winning international sell-out show
A spectacular love story, set in the striking and colourful world of opera.
“A Comedy of Operas” fuses pop hits with the world’s favourite arias – including many that you didn’t realise you already knew!
Highly original, sublimely talented, utterly hilarious.
Five exceptional singers bring their own signature style of physical comedy to this Max-Award winning (Best Musical) theatrical show that has been enjoyed around the globe.
This is opera for everyone.
Music from: Mozart, Mika, Puccini, Rossini, Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Verdi & more

A dynamic and engaging foray into history of music in the form of a show for all tastes, which has already won the hearts of audiences and critics alike.

Max Award, Estruch Award, 2019 - best musical performance

Original Idea: Yllana & Rami Eldar
Choreography: Carlos Chamorro
Artistic Direction: David Ottone & Joe O'Curneen
Musical Direction: Manuel Coves & Marc Álvarez
Costumes: Tatiana de Sarabia
Music recorded by: Orquesta Sinfónica VERUM
Executive Producer: Marcos Ottone
Production Manager: Daniela Scarabino
Cast: Soprano: Maria Rey-Joly; Mezzo sorpano: Mayca Teba | Maria Macia; Tenor: Antonio Comas | Jesús Álvarez; Contra tenor: Alberto Frías | Jesús Gallera; Baritone: Enrique Sánchez-Ramos | Jorge Tello
Stage Tech: Antonio de la Torre
Sound Tech: Carlos Calvo
Lighting Tech: Enrique Toro

Duration: 1h 30min
Date of premiere: 10.05.2018
Original title: THE OPERA LOCOS
The Spanish Season

Shows and Access

23 June, 20:00

Sibiu State Philharmonic   
1h 30min

24 June, 17:00

Sibiu State Philharmonic   
1h 30min