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Nocturna. Architecture of Insomnia (online)
By: Álvaro Tato
Directed by: Rafaela Carrasco
Rafaela Carrasco Company 

Nocturna: Flamenco dance enters the night.

A piano. A voice. Bodies in movement. A sleepless journey from dusk to dawn to evoke the mysteries of feeling, consciousness, and memory.

Through words and bodies, “Nocturna” proposes a dance, music and poetry exploration of the great topics and contradictions of the night, with the lucidity and hallucination of those who watch, those sleepless, party versus quiet... without overlooking the night as a mystical experience, as a visionary path and its opposite: the night as a game, as a playful ritual of identity confusion.

"Rafaela Carrasco's show was perhaps the best production of the last Seville Biennial. Several musicians have tried to encompass Johann Sebastian Bach in flamenco conventions, but few artists have dared to dance him as he simply is." (Jaime Trancoso)

Jerez Flamenco Festival 2023 - best choreography and best performance

Choreography: Rafaela Carrasco
Dramaturgy and Lyrics: Álvaro Tato
Voice-over: Aitana Sánchez-Gijón
Dancers: Carmen Angulo, Blanca Lorente, Carmen Coy, María Carrasco, Julia Gimeno, Cristina San Gregorio, Nazaret Benítez and Rafaela Carrasco
Musicians/Recorded Music
Pianos: Marta Estal and Pablo Suárez
Guitar: Jesús Torres
Live Flamenco Singing: Gema Caballero
Electronic Music: Juanfre Pérez & Javi Rubio
Sound Space: Pablo Martín Jones
Sound Technician: Rafael Pipio
Light Technician: Gloria Montesinos (A.a.i)
Machinery: Miguel Ángel Guisado
Production: Alejandro Salade
Musical Direction and Composition: Pablo Martín Jones, Pablo Suárez & Jesús Torres
Music Lyrics: Álvaro Tato & Jesús Torres
Classical Pieces Adapter: Marta Estal
Lighting and set design: Gloria Montesinos (A.a.i)
Live Sound Space Design: Ángel Olalla
Costume Design: Belém de Quintana
Costume Making: Pepa Carrasco, Sol Curiel, Belén de la Quintana
Photography and Video: Beatriz Molnar
Graphic and web design: Goyo Ucle
Executive Production: Alejandro Salade
Distribution: Flamenco Agency

Performance in Spanish and English
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12
Duration: 1h 20min
Date of premiere: 26.09.2022
Original title: Nocturna, Arquitectura del Insomnio
The Spanish Season
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23 June, 21:00