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Guess What’s the Story
Directed by: Marian Râlea
Fundația Abracadabra & Universitatea „Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu

The ”Games, Childhood, Theatre” segment has been transforming the Sub Arini Park into a magical realm of stories for 22 years, becoming tradition. Both little children and their parents are invited to play theatre alongside the Story Magician Marian Râlea.

“Guess What’s the Story” challenges the little ones: Do they still know Romanian stories? The show features surprise characters that will reward the most talented storytellers with prizes. Some characters might be lost and can no longer find their story. The children will have the chance to become fairytale heroes themselves and will discover the joy of theatre by playing.

With: Marian Râlea, Doriana Tăut, Alexandru Verzescu, Laurențiu Vlad, Teodora Domnariu, Florin Eugen Pârvu
Producer: Fundația Abracadabra
Co-producer: Universitatea „Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu

Duration: 2h 
Date of premiere: 22.06.2024
Original title: Ghici, poveste, ce-i?
The Romanian and Francophone Seasons
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22 June, 11:00

Sub Arini Park   

23 June, 11:00

Sub Arini Park