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Creative team of Action Theatre PAN.OPTIKUM;
PPP (People Power Partnership) Project

Germany, Romania, Italy, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Denmark, Portugal, Latvia, Norway, Spain

So what happens when we humans create a different world for ourselves – a better one? A freer one? But better for whom and free for whom? Do we still decide for ourselves? Do we choose our own bubble or are we assigned to a bubble via cookies and other tracking methods? Dance is the universal language that underlies our project and that connects the one hundred dancers deeply in different ways. "People Power Partnership" (PPP) is a participatory theatre-dance project for the public space that facilitates real and lasting encounters between young people in an artistic context. Over the course of the project, 104 young people (aged between 18 and 25) from the partner cities are developing 13 independent productions, as well as a large-scale final performance that will tour the 13 partner cities to prestigious international festivals.

Adelė Ryliškytė: Assistant Project Leader | Andy Fred Feyerabend: Mirror Construction | Cosima Dudel: Assistant Artistic Direction | Daniel Vera Suarez: Stage Technique | Dirk Ober: Stage Technique | Elisa Cavalli: Animation/Projection | Florian Gavarici: Intern | Gitanjali Schmelcher: Educational Management | Hilke Fomferra: Costume Design | Ivan Tsykonov: Mirror Construction | Jānis Putnins Choreography / Dramaturgy / Video Mapping | Jennifer Rohrbacher: Photo/Video Projections | Kien Trinh: Choreography | Laurenz Fritsch: Light Design | Leonie Fritsch: Music Dramaturgy / Educational Management | Llorenç Corbella Sambola: Stage Design | Luka Fritsch: Artistic Direction | Mariana Salvador: Animation/Projection | Matthias Rettner: Project Leader | Peter Zizka: Corporate Design | Sigrun Fritsch: Artistic Direction | Sönke Ober: Stage Design | Steffen Melch: Light | Tobias Schwab: Composer | Yalany Marschner: Rap | On stage: Alberto Sansotta | Lea Emilia Christensen | Tung Le Thanh |Erik Giolitto| Federica Albo | Mariana Salvador |Michela De Bortoli | Christophe Kerbourch | Amálie Malinova | Taro Tamura | Agáta Ženíšková | Elizabet Ivanova | Joanna Bordon Sanchesz | Marģers Vanags | Cosima Dudel | Kien Trinh | Annija Raibekaze | Diana Dragu | Isabela Haiduc | Enya Musoaie | Petra Luiza Maria | George-Valentin Hădărig | Florian Gavarici | Andrada Ion | Simona Ozola | Ieva Jasaite | Paulina Garbauskaite | Vitalija Timko | Junis Becherer | Emīlija Kolča | Liva Nora Apšeniece | Tamara Yesufu | Ellinor Staurbakk | 

Producers: Teatrul Național „Radu Stanca” Sibiu| Teaterforeningen for Helsingør Kommune | Tourist Board Varaždin | Menu Fabrikas | Foundation INITIUM | Bitò produccions | Câmara Municipal de Loulé | Câmara Municipal de Lisboa | Magna Vitae | Alytaus miesto teatras | Norrlands Operan | Fondazione Via Maestra | Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg

Duration: 1h
Date of premiere: 09.09.2022
Original title: FACE T(W)O
Shows and Access

21 June, 21:30

Large Square