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Kairós Quartet (online)
By: West Wave Productions
Directed by: Ruben Monteiro
Kairós Quartet

Kairós is an ethno-jazz band focused on the Mediterranean soundscapes. Driven by Ruben Monteiro’s skill- and colourful compositions for oud and baglama and Carla Costa’s sensitive and tender expression on ney, they present their album as a quartet, with the accompaniment of Christian Marr’s fretless bass and Tiago Santos’ drums. Their music is an original artistic work inspired by ancient cultures and spiritualities from Central Asia to the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea and the main characters in this work are some of the oldest musical instruments in History.

The performance of the Kairós Quartet "translates" the rhythms of a fascinating Orient into a universal musical language.

Text: West Wave Productions
Ruben Monteiro - composer - Arab oud, Turkish baglama
Carla Costa - Turkish ney
Christian Marr's - Fretless bass
Tiago Santos – Drums
Ruben Monteiro - Composer, sound producer, artistic director

Duration: 55min
Date of premiere: 11.03.2022
Original title: Kairós
The Portuguese Season
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22 June, 18:00