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Performance by: Heo Seokmin
Warm Person

Inside the containers of huge ships sailing across China, the United States, and many countries, the middleman, Helper, carries refugees and smugglers and explains to them that it is his duty to help them safely reach their country of destination. The reality is that he has to execute them all.

Other middlemen manipulate him using his desire to live only in containers and make him hate the world. They tell him false news, such as war, and they lock him in a container ordering him to kill.

But helpers don't want to kill refugees and smugglers.

"The performance created by WARM PERSON is a exploration of human existence through suspense techniques. Applause for the emergence of a monster-like new writer." (Kim Moon-hong)

Beautiful Theater Award 2023 - Heo Seokmin for text and direction

Writing and Directing : Heo seokmin 
Cast: Helper – Kim shinhyo; Euncheong – Lee kyeongjin; Kabog – Yu byoungyoung; Jeongjae – Kim geon; broker – Yang jinwoo
Producer: Pacino (Seungmin) YANG
Assistant director: Lee hojoon
Composer: Chae rosa 
Stage manager: Lee anho) 
Lighting design: Cho sehyun
Sound director: Kim sia

Performance in Korean, with translation into Romanian and English
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 14
Duration: 1h 35min
Date of premiere: 10.08.2018
Original title: 컨테이너
Special effects: use of fire, gunshot sound
Shows and Access

21 June, 17:00

GONG Theatre - Downstairs Hall   
1h 30min
80/50 LEI

22 June, 20:00

GONG Theatre - Downstairs Hall   
1h 30min
80/50 LEI