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Performance by: David Gutiérrez
Barcelona Flamenco Ballet

World avant-premiere

Barcelona Flamenco Ballet address the ever-present myth of Carmen in their new project. This new recreation of Bizet’s work brings new elements from flamenco that were previously unknown. It goes beyond the traditional conception in which it has historically been categorised and adapts it to the reality of today’s contemporary society. The values for which Carmen is today a woman of our time and the adaptation of flamenco music and ballet with the distinctive stamp that characterises David Gutiérrez, places the work in a new paradigm of the universal myth and flamenco of the 21st century.

Carmen, Bizet's famous character, returns to the stage to illustrate the universal condition of women. A magnetic, moving, impressive flamenco performance.

Choreography: David Gutiérrez and special collaboration with Judit Martín, Costantino Fernández.
Musicians: Singer – Joel de Pepa; Guitar – Iban Pérez; Percusion – Arturo Cortés; Guitar and voice  – Jordi Centeno
Main Dancers: Carmen – Judit Martín, Escamillo – David Gutiérrez
Ballet Corps: Lucia Vicedo, Judit González, Ivelese González, Andrea Amaya, Isabel Ponce, Carmen Orts, Carlos Gómez and Alejandro Cabrera 
Technicians: Noelia Jimenez, Ignacio Aristimuño
Management: Jaime Trancoso, Flamenco Agency
Dramaturgy: Prosper Mérimée
Music: Georges Bizet adaptation by Iban Pérez
Interpretation: Esmeralda Martín
Light design: Jose Pablo Vargas, Gervasio Colet
Wardrobe desing: Producciones Gutiérrez
Executive Management: Jaime Trancoso
Marketing and press: Daniel Iglesias
Administration: Ariadna Gutiérrez
Distribution: Flamenco Agency
Photography: Manuel Galán, Miguel Pereda
Makeup: Valle Quijano

Performance in Spanish
Duration: 1h 30min
Date of pre-premiere: 25.06.2024
Original title: Carmen
The Spanish Season
Shows and Access

25 June, 19:00

Fabrica de Cultură - UniCredit - Eugenio Barba Hall   
1h 30min

26 June, 17:00

Fabrica de Cultură - UniCredit - Eugenio Barba Hall   
1h 30min