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Café Bonheur
Performance by: Matei Vișniec
A Escola da Noite 

“Café Bonheur” brings together ten short plays by Franco-Romanian playwright Matei Visniec. Directed by the author himself, the play offers a poetic vision of the world in which we live and of the multiple forms of manipulation of individual consciousness exercised by different forms of power. The title evokes the Parisian tradition of cafés as places for meeting and socialising, for debate and reflection, and warns against the individual quest for happiness which has become an “obsession” in western societies—a reflection of individualism and a form of blindness and toxicity.

The poeticism and evanescence of the atmosphere so typical of Matei Vișniec takes on incredible values in this performance, as tender as it is provocative.

Choreography: Mălina Andrei
Cast: Ana Teresa Santos, Igor Lebreaud, Maria Quintelas, Miguel Magalhães, Ricardo Kalash
Translation: Ana Teresa Santos
Scenography, Costume And Prop Design: Andra Badulescu
Original Music: Claudiu Urse
Light Design: Danilo Pinto
Sound: Zé Diogo
Video: Matéi Visniec, Eduardo Pinto
Special Participation Of: Mircea Cantor With The Films “Vertical Attempt” (2009) & “Wind Orchestra” (2012)

Performance in Portuguese, with translation into Romanian and English
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12
Duration: 1h 30min
Date of premiere: 09.11.2023
Original title: Café Bonheur
Special effects: Momentary flashing LED light strips
The Portuguese Season
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28 June, 16:00

Studio Hall TNRS   
1h 30min

28 June, 21:00

Studio Hall TNRS   
1h 30min