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Performance by: Hillel Kogan
Hillel Kogan
Israel, Spain

The Israeli contemporary dance choreographer Hillel Kogan presents his new show “THISISPAIN”, where he is visiting as a tourist, the world of flamenco. “Western” art has been flirting with the exotic image of Spain for centuries. Kogan holds a poignant and inventive dialogue of text and movement, with the Israeli flamenco master, Mijal Natan. They debate questions of national, and artistic identity while casting doubt on the concept of identity in itself: in the spirit of the queer theory which holds that identity is not an essence but rather a performance, Kogan seeks to perform the “Spanish”.

Somewhere between choreographic performance and autobiographical confession, Hillel Kogan's artistic approach pushes the generic boundaries of the performing arts to deliver a memorable experience.

Choreography and text: Hillel KOGAN
Artistic direction: Laetitia BOULUD
Interpreted by: Hillel KOGAN, Mijal NATAN
Playwright: Yael VENEZIA
Ligthing: Nadav BARNEZ
Music advisor: Yael HORWITZ
Technical director: Nicolas PRIOUZEAU
Producers: Hillel KOGAN, Drôles de Dames
Supported by the Israeli Ministry of Culture, the Israeli Lottery Arts Council & Curtain Up Festival.

Performance in English
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 12
Duration: 1h 10min
Date of premiere: 09.11.2022
Original title: THISISPAIN
The Spanish and Israelian Seasons
Shows and Access

29 June, 21:00

Studio Hall TNRS   
1h 10min

30 June, 20:00

Piața Unirii, Sibiu 557260, Romania   
1h 10min