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ALICE - ”JTI Encounters”
Directed by: Po-Cheng Tsai

“ALICE” draws us with a breathtaking choreography, haute couture costumes, and a stylish stage design into a very special wonderland, with an uncanny and deeply psychological atmosphere. A labyrinth of mirrors, artistic projections and black and white ink drawings unite poetry and fairy tale, as well as the western and eastern cultures.
Born from the international collaboration between Po-Cheng Tsai’s B.DANCE and Kathleen McNurney’s Tanz Luzerner Theater, ALICE reimagines this classic work of children’s literature, as a fantasy world of wonder meets the artistry of Zen.

Rarely has Lewis Carroll's novel been revisited with such bold artistic insight. Elegant, refined, masterful.

The Mervyn Stutter “Spirit of the Fringe” Award at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 2019

Choreographer: Po-Cheng Tsai
Dancers: Wen-Yu TSENG, Yu-Hung WANG, Ho-Chien CHANG, Hsing TSENG, Li-An LO, Chih-Ying Hsieh, Ming-Hsuan LIU, Shu-Han YEH, Chieh-Wen LIU, Hsin-Chieh CHOU, Ming-Fen WU, Chieh-Yu LIAO, Wei CHENG, Yi-Hsuan CHOU
Costume Design: Luzerner Theater Department of Costume
Original lighting design: Otto Chang
Technical and Lighting Director: Chih-Chen Liu
Music: Rockid Lee
Video Design: Po-Chih Chang

Operation Manager: Yen-Ling Yi
Administrative Manager: Chia-Fang Sun
Rehearsal Director: Sheng-Ho Chang
Technician: Tzu Hsien WU
Technical Assistant: Pai-Yu Tseng
Videographer: Meng-Hsueh Ho
Photographer: Chao-Sheng Ho
Tour production: Delta Danse

Duration: 1h 10min
Date of premiere: 01.08.2021
Original title: ALICE

Shows and Access

24 June, 20:00

"Ion Besoiu" Cultural Centre   
1h 10min

25 June, 18:00

"Ion Besoiu" Cultural Centre   
1h 10min