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Afrique en Cirque (online)
Directed by: Yamoussa Bangoura
Cirque Kalabanté
Canada, Guinea

A show by Yamoussa Bangoura, inspired by daily life in Guinea. This performance shares the beauty, youth, and artistry of African culture. A colourful show beyond its scenery, costumes, and staging, that will make any theatre vibrate with energy. It represents strength, agility, and life’s joys of young Africans. The audience will see our acrobats execute gravity defying moves and human pyramids, all to the contemporary sounds of Afro-Jazz, percussion, and Kora. Welcome to the universe of Kalabanté Productions and prepare for an unforgettable journey.

It is hard to say what is really fascinating in Cirque Kalabanté's show: the acrobatic virtuosity, the musical energy or the suggestiveness with which everything takes the form of an unforgettable visual and acoustic choreography...

Choreographed by: Yamoussa Bangoura
Cast: Yamoussa Bangoura - MC, Acrobat, Kora; Geneviève Duplin – Sax; Abdelhak Benmedjebari – Bass; Mama Adama Soumah, M'mahawa Soumah, Yamoussa Soumah, Alya Sylla, Ismael Bangoura – Acrobats; Mohamed Ben Sylla – Contortionist; Chloe Drolet – Lighting Tech; Kevin T Jones  – Drummer
Producer: Yamoussa Bangoura - Kalabante Productions

Performance in English and French
Duration: 1h 30min
Date of premiere: 01.02.2022
Original title: Afrique en Cirque
The Francophone Season
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29 June, 18:00

30 LEI