Performances / Circus / Contemporary Circus
Directed by: Milan Manić & Goro Osojnik
Ana Monro & Cirkusfera
Slovenija, Serbia

The performance “40–60” is a product of the creative encounter between circus artist Milan Manić (aged 40+) and street theatre artist Goro Osojnik (aged 60+). The authors, directors and performers were inspired by the classic work of the theatre of the absurd, “Waiting for Godot” and the iconic Czech animated series “A Je To!”. To this they add a pinch of attitude towards the use of natural materials, and a critical view of the relations in modern society, for it seems that today’s world is in a big mess and lacks a common reason!

Written, directed and performed by: Milan Manić & Goro Osojnik
Producer: Ana Monro Theatre, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Co-producer: Cirkusfera, Beograd, Serbia

Duration: 45 min
Date of premiere: 21.09.2023
Original title: 40-60
Shows and Access

21 June, 20:30

Habermann Market   

22 June, 20:30

Habermann Market