Registration for the FITS 2023 International Volunteering Programme has started!

The Sibiu International Theatre Festival has started registrations for the International Volunteer Programme for FITS 2023. The 30th edition of the Festival will take place between June 23 and July 2, 2023.

Those who want to be FITS volunteers can sign up by October 31.


Become a FITS volunteer and enjoy numerous benefits, such as free training, the feeling of playing an active role in the community, life experience, opportunity to learn and develop new useful skills. Join an exceptional team and meet people who share the same values as you!

You will have the chance to proudly wear the FITS volunteer T-shirt and your own FITS badge, as well as to receive a FITS volunteer certificate, which can tip the scale in your favour at employment competitions (as per Law no. 78/2014). The certificate can also help you secure a place at a university abroad.

Be part of the non-formal education programme that brings together a huge community of volunteers from Romania and abroad! We are proud that the largest and most important platform for promoting non-formal education through performing arts has been set up in Sibiu.

The FITS Volunteering Program was created while building the framework for Sibiu European Capital of Culture 2007.


EU-Japan Fest joined FITS and the programme Sibiu European Capital of Culture 2007 due to the vision on and credit granted to volunteering. Thus, throughout the ten years of exceptional partnership, over 130 Japanese young people have come to Sibiu and contributed to the organization of FITS.

From 2009, the Takayama City Hall in Japan has sent around 15 volunteers. In 2010, Mayumi Taniguchi together with three other volunteers representing their hometown Takayama came to Sibiu for the first time. Since then, Mayumi has returned every year and in 2014 she became the international volunteer coordinator. In 2012, the cities Takayama and Sibiu became sister cities, with Mayumi contributing to strengthening the relations between the two cities. Thus, in 2015 and 2016, with the support of FITS, TNRS, Sibiu City Hall, Takayama City Hall, as well as the Embassy of Romania to Tokyo and the Gheorghe Lazăr High School in Sibiu, five Romanian FITS volunteers became volunteers of the Takayama Autumn Festival as part of the Sibiu - Takayama Exchange Project (STEP). This project started in 2009, when three volunteers from Sibiu participated at the Takayama Autumn Festival for the first time.

In 2012, the Seoul Performing Arts Festival (SPAF – the most important performing arts market in Asia) started collaborating with FITS, sending their most-prized volunteer to FITS. In 2016, SPAF and FITS agreed over a three-year partnership to reward the most dedicated volunteer in fulfilling SPAF tasks, who enjoyed the FITS volunteering experience the following year.


  • +16 years
  • not in the final years of studies
  • excited to learn, discover and meet people
  • dedicated, trustworthy
  • assertive and respectful
  • empathic and positive
  • observant
  • flexible, polite

We will help you discover yourself and become a super volunteer. How? Fill out the registration form, join the training, remember the information made available and required to pass the tests, be engaged and on time. Everything else will follow!

Become a FITS volunteer and discover the magic, feel the joy and the intensity of those ten festival days, choose to try a one-of-a-kind experience, immerse yourself in the mysterious world of performing arts.


  • Check the FITS posters for each event/performance
  • Organize and manage FITS posters
  • Prepare and put up FITS posters throughout the city
  • Deliver posters and programs to FITS partners and locations
  • Go around the city to keep the posters updated
  • Replace old posters with new ones every morning


  • Responsible for Performing Arts Market events
  • Responsible for the Info point
  • Responsible for national and international delegates
  • Responsible with Market guest needs (catering)
  • Technical assistant (handle Power Point or video projections)
  • Communication with different people/guests


  • Prepare the VP & Crisis office to welcome the volunteers who have no fixed schedule
  • Manage unforeseen events that may come up in FITS
  • Assist other coordinators or volunteers
  • Collaborate with other departments to help them fulfil their tasks
  • May have to solve another department’s task, so these volunteers should be familiar with the responsibilities of all departments
  • May have to work over the preestablished schedule


  • Responsible for Performing Arts Market events
  • Info Point responsible
  • Responsible for national and international delegates
  • Responsible for institution needs (catering)
  • Technical assistant (handle Power Point or video projections)
  • Writing texts, summaries for the events
  • Communication with various people and guests


Ștefania Dogariu - Coordinator of Volunteers Program -

Mayumi Taniguchi - International Coordinator of Volunteers Program
Daria Ciobanu - Volunteering Programme Coordinator -