The second day of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival brought emotions and talent back to the 80 locations that the organizers propose to lovers of the performing arts.

The exhibitions on the Visual Arts Platform enjoyed the admiration of those who crossed their threshold, and the FITS conferences enjoyed the presence of notable guests.

Scheduled (daily) at 10 o'clock, the press conference opened yesterday's series of dialogues. The first guest, E.S. Arthur Mattli, the Ambassador of Switzerland in Romania, discussed the power of theatre and cultural diversity and how these should be subjects taught in schools, but also the future 2023 European Capital of Culture - Timișoara - and the 30th edition of FITS which also takes place next year.

He was joined by French actor Mounir Margoum, whom the audience could see in the performance "The Need for Truth" presented by Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne. He talked about his life and his pathway to the stage as a professional actor.

The third distinguished guest of yesterday's press conference was actor, director and writer Pippo Delbono, and perhaps the most important thing I learned from this creator is: "I don't put my mind into the performance, but my heart". As for the "Love" performance, the one with which he delighted us, at FITS, during the first two days, Pippo Delbono told us: "Yesterday I saw many people crying at my performance. I don't cry at my story. I cry at their love story".

At the special conference "George Banu in dialogue with Claus Peymann, Emil Hurezeanu and Ioan Holender" (State Philharmonic, 2 p.m.), Claus Peymann, who will also receive a star on the Walk of Fame, told us that "the theatre must not be a place of isolation. On the contrary, the theatre intervenes, takes the floor. I always wanted to turn art and theatre into something that everyone can enjoy, that anyone can turn to, an open place. This was the basis of my work".

The Therme Forum also had a first event yesterday, out of the five scheduled, as part of FITS: "Theatre and architecture - Building cities: Public-private partnership" attended by John Alschuler in dialogue with Robert Hanea, Constantin Chiriac, Mah Bow Tan and Tateo Nakajima.

The scheduled theatre performances were appreciated by the public, and Sibiu’s Large Square was brim-full in the evening, for the CirkVOST performance and the Holograf concert.