Vasile Șirli

Vasile Șirli is a composer born in Variaș, Romania, living in Paris since 1986. Trained in Timișoara and at the Music Academy of Bucharest, he has dedicated his work to theatre, cinema, dance and songs, which allowed him to express himself in different musical styles: from pop-rock and jazz to contemporary music. He has received many national and international awards, including the Romanian Composer Association Award, GOPO Film Music Award, UNITER Prize, music prizes in Dresden, Bratislava, Soci, Tokyo, etc. He worked for the publishing house “Editura Muzicală” and was the artistic director of „Electrecord” record company. He composed pieces for performances and films directed by Lucian Pintilie, Mircea Daneliuc, Stere Gulea, Dan Micu, Petrika Ionesco, Gabor Tompa, Matthias Langhoff, Claire Dancoisne, Constantin Chelba, Nicu Stan, Irina Niculescu, Radu Nica, Aurel Palade, Titus Muntean, etc. He composed the music of countless performances directed by Silviu Purcărete. In France, he composed for films, theatre and TV shows, and was a musical producer. Starting 1990, he has been the musical director of Disneyland Paris, composing original music, producing and writing music for various performances.

Constantin Chiriac:
''An artist respected and loved for his music, in theatre and film, cultural industries, as well as in all his direct relations with partner artists, Vasile Șirli receives a star on the Walk of Fame for the strength, the sophistication and the uniqueness of his creations, as well as for his savviness to generate global artistic dialogue!''