Pippo Delbono

A complex creator, theatre and film actor, director and author, Pippo Delbono was born in 1959 in Varazze (Italy), and is especially known for his activity in theatre alongside the company bearing his name, which has become renowned all around the world starting the very year it was established, 1987. Pippo Delbono has a non-conformist vision on theatre, deeply touched by his contact with Odin Teatret, Pina Bausch and Eastern themes; he has turned the negation of rules and methods into a religion which, by aiming to eliminate conventional constraints, tackles a subtle level of sincerity and emotion. Alternating between autobiography and history, the eclectic character of the outer shell of a musical and the textual premises of a poetic type of theatre, mixing between scenic situations and cinematographic fragments or his interest in the solitude and isolation felt by those at the edge of society - these are just some of the most representative features of Pippo Delbono’s experimental theatre, which have been integrated into remarkable performances, such as: Dopo la Battaglia (After the Battle), Orchidee (Orchids), Vangelo, and La Gioia (Joy).

Constantin Chiriac:
”The forever rebellious son of world theatre, who took down methods and rules and imposed honesty and emotion, Pippo Delbono receives a star on the Sibiu Walk of Fame for his fantastic shows, films and books, which marked the world of performing arts at the turn of the century and the beginning of the millennium.”

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