Neil LaBute

Neil LaBute (born in 1963) is a director, a screen writer and one of the most controversial and innovative American playwrights. Critics respond to his plays as having a misanthropic tone, Rob Weinert-Kendt referred to LaBute in The Village Voice as “American theatre’s reigning misanthrope”. His plays are translated and staged extensively in the United States of America and Europe: Bash: Latter-Day Plays (1999), The Mercy Seat (2002), Autobahn (2003), Fat Pig (2004), Some Girl(s) (2005), In A Dark Dark House (2007), Reasons To Be Pretty (2008), Helter Skelter (2008), Land of the Dead (2008), The Break of Noon (2010), The Furies (2009), In A Forest, Dark and Deep (2011), Lovely Head & Other Plays (2013), Reasons to Be Happy (2013), Money Shot (2014), The Way We Get By (2015). He wrote the script for several feature films: In the Company of Men, Your Friends & Neighbors, Nurse Betty, Possession, The Shape of Things, The Wicker Man, Lakeview Terrace, Death at A Funeral, Some Girl(s), Some Velvet Morning, Dirty Weekend and for some short films: Tumble, After-School Special, Sexting, Denise, Double or Nothing, Bench Seat, Sweet Nothings, BFF, It’s Okay. In 2013, LaBute receives the Literature Award of the American Academy of Arts and Letters. In 2023, he becomes a Fellow of the International Association of Theatre Leaders (IATL).

Constantin Chiriac:
”The world’s most staged playwright, Neil LaBute is awarded a star on the Walk of Fame for his unique ability to surprise and amaze the world of theatre and film, as well as for his strength to inspire and educate the young generation.”

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