Nakamura Kanzaburo al XVIII-lea

Nakamura Kanzaburo XVIII (1955-2012) was one of the most popular and talented Japanese actors. Born in May 1955, he made his first stage appearance as Nakamura Kankuro the 5th on April 1959, name which remains for almost half a century until. In March 2005, he succeeded to the name of Nakamura Kanzaburo in Tokyo’s Kabuki-za theater. As an accomplished actor in both male ‘Tachiyaku’ and female ‘Onnagata’ roles, Kanzaburo is a name synonymous with Kabuki in Japan nowadays, although the Kanzaburo name itself stretches back to the mid-17th century and is recognized as one of the most prestigious hereditary names in Kabuki. Following succession to the Kanzaburo name, a series of ‘shumei’ name taking ceremonies ran for almost 2 years in cities across Japan. The appearance at the 2008 Lincoln Hall Festival was the first time he performed outside Japan as Kanzaburo after his first visit to the US in July 2004 when he performed, as Kankuro, in Boston, New York and Washington D.C. as head of the Heisei Nakamura-za troupe. Kanzaburo performed alongside his two sons (Nakamura Kantaro VI and Nakamura Shichinosuke II) in a total of 11 shows in New York; the first of which was a rendition of the famed dance Renjishi, He also performed in London in 1991, in Stockholm, Sweden in 1998, in Lyon, France in 2000, in Berlin, Germany in 2008 and in many other cities around the world.

Constantin Chiriac:
“A legend of Japanese theater, more popular than the Emperor himself, declared a national treasure, Kanzaburo Nakamura XVIII receives a star on the Sibiu Walk of Fame for his matchless artistry and the ​​dialogue with other cultures. Kazuyoshi Kushida attends the ceremony in the name of the family of Kanzaburo Nakamura.”

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