Constantin Chiriac

Dear President Chiriac, 

This star on Sibiu's Walk of Fame, you’ve earned it, it comes naturally, for all the contribution you have made to the cultural development of the city. Equally important, we award it to you because you love Sibiu so much and represent the city with honour on the world cultural scene. I am not going to list all the achievements and reasons for this distinction, which also underpinned my proposal to grant you the title of Citizen of Honour of the City of Sibiu. The list is so long that we simply would not have enough time. That is why when the former Minister of Culture, Mr Romașcanu, suggested giving you a star on the Walk of Fame I immediately accepted the idea and put it into practice. 

Your name will now be inscribed between the walls of the citadel, in the heart of Sibiu, in a company that suits you in terms of stature - internationally renowned people of culture who have made their mark both on the Festival and on the culture of Sibiu.   

Congratulations, Maestro Chiriac! Cultural Sibiu celebrates you today as you have been celebrating and developing the culture of Sibiu for 3 decades through the Sibiu International Theatre Festival and the Radu Stanca National Theatre.  

Astrid Cora Fodor

Mayor of Sibiu