Poetic invasion of the cities

PIC is a multidisciplinary project that intends to use artistic competences and strategic resources inbuilt in street arts field in order to develop innovative pathways, involving heterogeneous staffs, able to promote at urban audience the enjoyment of more cultured performing art expressions, in a form that would make them easily accessible and more popular. Symphonic music, ballet, theatre forms will be reinterpreted and presented in a new manner to audiences of all social backgrounds, outside of usual places of performing, bringing performing arts where they have never been before, looking for an unprecedented way to reach and form new public through specific EU actions. From non-places of the metropolis in Bremen (DE), to pediatric wards in Fermo’s hospitals (IT), from villages of Sibiu countryside (RO), the most ambitious goal of PIC is to discover public in the most unusual and sometimes problematic sites of communities involved.

During 36 months PIC foresees 4 different lines of action with specific objectives. ACCESS: access to the live show to all social classes, access to EU circuits for creative and artists from all over Europe, includes PIC Festival in cooperating cities and EU showcase dedicated to urban performing arts. SHARE: to develop a permanent professional network of urban happening and street arts, including creation of Performing Art Flash Mob Network with important artistic institutions and creative staff, making flash mobs around Europe. TAG: to promote the digital approach in the sector encouraging an active enjoyment of shows by new and old audience through social networks, involving Open Street platform. TRAINING: to promote innovation in artistic productions and events, including interdisciplinary training plan on most advanced techniques of public involvement; to promote techniques and languages exchange between artists of cooperating countries, to encourage an European approach to creation thus to increase the internationalization of careers.

For more details you can access the following link: www.poeticinvasion.eu