In a time of significant change for Europe and the European Union, which is facing a substantial population migration and at the same time the issue of refugees coming to Europe, the cohesion of the community impacted by terrorist threats and the implications of BREXIT (as well as other potential structural changes at EU level), the “LIBERTY’ partnership is based on older collaborations between European cultural institutions, focusing on the vision of young people and on the positive impact of creative integration through arts and culture, thus contributing to the creation of a new identity and local feeling (both locally and at European level).

The “Radu Stanca” National Theatre Sibiu takes part in the “LIBERTY” project funded through the Creative Europe Programme, alongside other cultural organizations, such as: Explora – Rome (Italy), CESIE – Palermo (Italy), Hamburg Altonale – Hamburg (Germany), ArtReach –Leicester (Great Britain), Centre for Youth Culture-Pionirski Dom – Ljubljana (Slovenia), Trafo House of Contemporary Arts – Budapest (Hungary), Aalborg Karneval – Aalborg (Denmark), Centre E8 – Belgrade (Serbia), CNC Danse – Nathalie Cornille Company – Wambechies (France), European Educational Exchanges - Youth for Understanding – Brussels (Belgium), Den Selvejende Institution Swinging Europe – Herning (Denmark), in 2019–2023.
This partnership aims to significantly develop and improve the artistic collaboration process initiated in previous projects funded through Creative Europe, this time with a focus on young artists under 30. Large-scale collaboration is essential to achieve the desired impact and to accomplish the ambitious objectives.