the visual arts platform (PAV) initiative has found a fertile locus at the intersection of two international events: Kassel’s documenta15 contemporary art exhibition and the Sibiu International Theatre Festival (FITS). Taking place in Sibiu, a city that pendulates between a conservatory approach and a reintegration / redefinition of multiculturalism, the visual arts platform aims to illustrate specifically this complex dynamic, which has inherent echoes in the local contemporary art scene. PAV brings together artists and associative entities working locally, as well as creative voices from the rest of Romania and from Germany - the plurality of different points of view is after all the core concept of this first edition.

The meeting point of these three vectors is the artist Dan Perjovschi, who divides his time between Sibiu and various locations around the world. A participant of this year's edition of the documentary15 as well as FITS, Dan Perjovschi works with curator Iris Ordean and together they bring different voices to this first edition of PAV.

platforma de arte vizuale PAV is produced by Dan Perjovschi & Documenta15, FITS and the German Cultural Center Sibiu. Many thanks to all institutions and artists involved.

The Documenta Edition 2022-2023
Teatru Național Radu Stanca

Magnet installation 
Teatru Național Radu Stanca 

Mixed media and lecture room installation
Biblioteca ASTRA, Strada George Barițiu 5

It will melt completely in four thousand seven hundred eighty one washes 
installation, soap, metal 
Promenada Mall, 1-3A Lector Str.

steel, shoes, textile | sculpture
Promenada Mall, 1-3A Lector Str.

6. Ana Dumitrescu
Argentic - Analog Photo Exhibition
Trio  - film projection, documentary, directed by Ana Dumitrescu, produced by Jonathan Boissay, with Gheorghe Costache, Sorina Costache and Vioară, 1h22min, 2021
Guests at the projection: Ana Dumitrescu, Jonathan Boissay, Gheorghe Costache,  Sorina Costache 
CineGold, Promenada Mall, 1-3A Lector Str.

mixed media, installation in-situ 
Promenada Mall, 1-3A Lector Str.

coordonator program / program coordinator: Maria Orosan Telea, Lector universitar Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara - Facultatea de Arte și Design
studenți / students: Gavril Pop, Loredana Ilie, Marina Paladi, Isabella Madarász, Cătălin Beldean
ULBS, Facultatea de Litere si Arte, Bulevardul Victoriei 5-7

9. Winael Baldus, acoustic concert with voice and guitar
Promenada Mall, 1-3A Lector Str.

Eveniment cu voluntarii asociației ALEG și cu participarea publicului. 
Promenada Mall, 1-3A Lector Str.
Special Conference 
Și eu reușesc/ I too can do it
Filarmonica de Stat Sibiu, Sala Mică

Special Conference
Thinking of the Other: Stereotypes of the Otherness
Filarmonica de Stat Sibiu, Sala Mică

Flaviu Cacoveanu, Cătălina Nistor, Miruna Radovici. Curator: Georgia Țidorescu, 
Strada Tribunei 13. 

multi-channel video installation 
Filarmonica de Stat Sibiu

print 3D, print 2D, installation in-situ 
Filarmonica de Stat Sibiu 

metal, paint, electric components 
Filarmonica de Stat Sibiu

installation in-situ, the recreation of the artist’s studio 
Kulturzentrum Hermannstadt, Strada Timotei Popovici 9

17. Capital Cultural, text in digital space and in print (Revista Capital Cultural).

an ecofeminist reminder with 3 video works and an introduction
Biserica Evanghelică and Filarmonica de Stat

video, installation in-situ in the Zoo
Grădina Zoologică Sibiu, 142 Calea Dumbrăvii Str.

In-situ installation
Muzeul Civilizației Populare Tradiționale „ASTRA” din Sibiu, 16 Pădurea Dumbrava 

 5 Andrei Saguna Str., appointement at 0728205248

Filarmonica de Stat, Sala Mică
Artist Roundtable the visual arts platform
Centrul Cultural Arab Sibiu, Thinking of the Other: Stereotypes of the Otherness
Asociația ALEG Sibiu, I too can do it 
The Telescopic Space of Knowledge 
Biblioteca ASTRA, 5 George Barițiu Str.