Large Square - Stage
Piața Mare, Sibiu, Romania

The Large Square is the largest of the squares of Sibiu, opening a wide perspective, typical to the Renaissance and the following ages.

Here we have the historical centre of Sibiu, mentioned for the first time in 1411 as a grain market. The Large Square exits since 1366, alongside the finalization of the third fortification belt of the city. Starting with the 16th century, the Large Square becomes the centre of the citadel. 

Over hundreds of years it was called Der Grosse Ring or Grosser Platz, between the wars it was named King Ferdinand Square, the communists named it the Square of the Republic and since 1990 it came back to its original name. 

The Northern side consisted initially, in 1466, by the erection of building for the Tailors Guild and of the civil constructions, and then, during 1726-1733, the Jesuit church and its seminary (today the parochial house) were built here. 

On the Western side, on the area corresponding to two houses, the Brukenthal palace was built – a trademark of the city. Finally, during the first years of the 20th century the building of the Land Credit Bank was erected, construction that also created the current Samuel von Brukenthal Street. 

The ‘town’s eyes’ worth mentioning – as the roof windows are better known as – which can be noticed best from this place. 

The square has a maximum length of 142 m and it is 93 m wide.

All the buildings of the Large Square are historical monuments.

Source: Sibiu City App