“Franz Binder” Museum of Universal Ethnography
Piața Mică 11, Sibiu 557260, Romania

Inaugurated in 1993, the "Franz Binder" Museum is the first and single museum of extra-European ethnography in Romania. The museum is organised in a historical monument building, built in the Neo-Gothic style between 1865 and 1867, initially as the headquarters for the Small Craftsmen Association and having various other functions over time. After its restoration in 1989 it became the headquarters of the "Franz Binder" Museum.

The collections of the "Franz Binder" Museum (approx. 3000 exhibits) are divided into “old” ethnographic collections composed of exhibits donated during the second half of the 19th century and “new” collections which entered in the museum’s patrimony after 1990.
The oldest collections are among the most valuable ones. They come from various parts of the world – the African continent being widely represented – and they were mainly collected on the field by members of the local and regional community and then donated to the Sibiu Association of Natural Sciences in Ardeal.