Festivalul Internațional de Teatru de la Sibiu24 iunie – 3 iulie 2022 | ediția a 29-a


Teatrul ACT


De: Csaba Székely
Regia: Eugen Gyemant
Scenografia: Maria Nicola
Traducerea: Izabela Varro

Distribuția: Irina Antonie, Dan Rădulescu, Lucian Iftime


„Nu regret nimic” este o producție Teatrul ACT, susținută de Fundația Simona Halep, Dedeman și Mobexpert
‘Székely Csaba’s text is incredibly dynamic, full of that dark humour that is now a brand of his dramaturgy. A story reminding of Luc Besson’s Leon brings face to face characters that are both dark and full of comic-like colours. Starting from a political theme, the text descends into the netherworlds of criminal psychology to uncover the story of communist tortures from the standpoint of the torturers. The performance combines the feeling of nostalgia for the ‘90s with the universe of Japanese cartoons to convey the halo of familiarity and fantastic exerted upon us by the horrors that we know so well, and yet so little. But the ultimate feat will be to turn monsters into 3D beings that we’ll be able to not just understand, but perhaps even love.’
Eugen Gyemant, director

Reprezentații și bilete
20 AUGUST 19:00
Teatrul Gong - etaj
1h 35min
Preț bilet: 60/40 RON