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Drinking in America
Teatrul de Comedie
The Romanian and Francophone Seasons

Directed by: Iarina Demian
Eric Bogosian
With: Tudor Chirilă 
Scenography: Irina Moscu 
Video design: Dilmana Yordanova 
Lighting design: Daniel Klinger 
Graphic: Ioana Pârvan
Co-producer: Fundația Culturală artEST

American has forever been a dream for many of us. The Land of Opportunity – America has lured people with its countless temptations, many of which have been proven cliches. Eric Bogosian creates a powerful, troubling universe. You will be left in awe, as Iarina Demian and Tudor Chirilă have created an amazing show that will certainly make you smile, laugh out loud, cry, and wonder how hardly you have wanted to be part of the American Dream. What is the American Dream after all?

„(...) a clever and alive performance that can teach those who are prepared or at least are open, that theater has the power to change the world. Only if the world wants to change” (Răzvana Niță

Special effects: during the performance, strobe lights are used, which may affect people with epilepsy or sensitivity to this type of light.
Performance in Romanian, with translation into English
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 16
Duration: 1h 40min
Date of premiere: 02.12.2021
Original title: Visul american

Shows and Access

27 June, 21:00

Fabrica de Cultură - Construcții SA - UniCredit - Faust Hall   
1h 40min