The Sibiu International Theatre Festival features for the first time a section dedicated to virtual reality

The Sibiu International Theatre Festival features for the first time, as part of its 29th edition, a section dedicated to virtual reality.

“TrioMix”, directed and with a choreography by Gigi Căciuleanu, is a performance in which the audience actually enters the dance space, identifying with the camera, because there is no hidden angle for the viewer. The creation is a new way to present dance, in virtual reality. The 360-degree stereoscopic filming benefited from 3D post-processing by Les Ateliers NOMAD, directed by Andy Lupu, integrating into the virtual world the drawings made by Gigi Căciuleanu, which formed the basis of the choreography.

"A room-universe. A universe the size of a room. Three characters. Two women. A man. Three solitudes that intertwine in a momentary coexistence. For moments. Phrases of a story that everyone can interpret as they wish. According to one’s own understanding. Depending on the point of view one chooses...", says choreographer Gigi Căciuleanu.

The project is a production of Gigi Căciuleanu and the Art Production Foundation, with the support of JTI. Each performance lasts 8 minutes.

„The Tower #next level” by the Basca Theatre, directed by Alex Mihăescu, is the second VR performances featured during FITS 2022.

The co-producers are the Administration of the National Cultural Fund and the Timișoara Project Centre.
In "The tower #next level" we use the metaphor of the Purgatory to talk humorously about the demons that haunt our present: epidemics, corruption, conflicting social and political attitudes in Romanian society, many of them caused by different life experiences and education. As the characters climb the tower, they lose touch with their world and come to realize that they only have each other. The duration of each performance is 52 minutes.
Both performances are scheduled every day of the Festival, between June 24 and July 3, at the Habitus Cultural Centre, as part of Micro-Foil.
Tickets can be purchased online under and from the Theatre Agency in Sibiu, Nicolae Bălcescu str. no. 17.

The Sibiu International Theatre Festival takes place between June 24 and July 3, 2022, and the theme of this year's edition is BEAUTY. For ten days, the city and its surroundings will host more than 3,500 participants from 75 countries, and the public is expected at almost 800 events held in 80 performance venues.