WindHarp (Online)
Klaus Röhm & Stefan Charisius

With: Klaus Röhm, Stefan Charisius

The things and creatures on earth have their own sound world - everything in the universe is a symphony of frequencies.
 Like the voice, tones blown by the breath have a high personal content, all thoughts and feelings are contained in them. The string plucked with the fingers gives the tones into the air in its own translated way. The saxophone and the kora, Africa's narrative harp, are both intensive instruments of their kind of sound production.
 A powerful open, flexible sound world begins to dance, music that does not just invite to dream in harmonies, but also takes the energy of the listeners into creative consideration and intuitively interacts with them.

Duration: 1h
Date of premiere: 1.07.2022
Original title: WindHarp

Shows and Tickets

02.07, 18:00

Online    24h
30 LEI