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Wild instinct
Casandra Vidrighin
Casandra Vidrighin graduated from the Visual Arts Faculty of the University of Oradea, works and lives in Sibiu. In 2020 he was part of the key exhibition The Meaning of Sculpture, curator Liviana Dan, at Kunsthalle Bega, Timișoara. Casandra has had collaborations in the field of art education and for two years exhibited in the frame of the critical platform ”Nostru”, a group which is preoccupied with the city’s severe lack of artistic expression sites. Casandra creates works of art through an artistic process that includes research, observation and analysis, resulting in an authentic cultural way of expression, with radical accents. By means of the intimate relationship that she creates with the site that she’s researching, Casandra reaches a freedom of expression capable of bringing forth deep emotions.

Natural selection programmed us to be selfish, shaped our emotions and instincts, and set aside the right half of our brain for storing irrational subconscious information.
Like all animals, humans have instincts, genetically wired behaviours that enhance our ability to cope with vital environmental situations. In fact, some of our instinctive emotions have become extremely serious impediments that now threaten the very survival of our species.

Any attempt to control human behaviour is forced to encounter resistance and disapproval.

Fear, denial, tribal loyalty, greed and our desire to procreate have become risk factors for our existence. Such instincts worked to our advantage when we were cavemen, but they became dangerously ill-adaptable in today’s man-made artificial world.

Our tendency to deny has allowed prehistoric people to deal with threatening situations, but today we use denial to avoid facing reality.

Greed is a natural human instinct – we are all selfish and greedy at heart and for healthy evolutionary reasons. People invented money and institutionalised greed out of control. What’s the point of having more than you can actually use?

Tribal loyalty and revenge made sense when we lived in small tribes, but both instincts now threaten our very existence.

Site-specific video installation and illustrated postcards in the Zoo

Exact location: Zoo Sibiu
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