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UK Gospel Choir Show
Directed by: Harlano Weekes
CK Gospel Choir
United Kingdom
The British Season

Directed by: Harlano Weekes

CK Gospel Choir show is a fun packed hour of some of the finest voices from the UK Gospel music scene performing a range of pop, soul, classical and gospel songs, with their typical high energy and wonderful harmony blend.

The show is less a typical gospel concert, and more of a way in which gospel can adapt to the most diverse musical genres. A must-see artistic show!

Duration: 1h
Date of premiere: 23.06.2023
Original title: CK Gospel Choir Show

Shows and Access

23 June, 20:00

“Holy Trinity” Roman-Catholic Parochial Church   

24 June, 17:00

The Calvinist Reformed Church   

25 June, 20:00

The Church of the Ursulines