Therme Forum: Theatre and Architecture - People, Places and Resilience: the Role of Identity (panel discussion)
Speakers: Grace Okereke (Uprise Rebel), Jasmin Sheppard (Choreographer), Anthony Hoete (Ngārchitecture), Elena Dubinets (London Philharmonic Orchestra)

Moderators: Tateo Nakajima (Arup), Chris Mercer (Arup)

The past years have increased social awareness of tensions and inequities related to disenfranchised communities. How do we raise voices that have been silenced and embrace hidden identities in the arts? How do we design our environments, and our relationships to them, to support diverse communities? How can the arts and culture sector support equitable access and social justice, while contributing to more resilient and sustainable communities? 

Many thanks to the British Council in New Zealand for facilitating part of this discussion.

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30.06, 15:00

Online    24h