The Voices of Noh (Online)
Yamamoto Noh Theater

Directed by: Akihiro Yamamoto
Cast: Akihiro Yamamoto, Motonori Umewaka, Kazuo Imamura, Yoshiaki Yamamoto, Noriyuki Moriya, Tomohide Furuta, Atsushi Saito 

Noh was born about seven centuries ago and remains the world’s oldest surviving form of mask drama. It is often identified as a type of theatre, but at its core, Noh is predominantly an operatic art. Besides its masterfully crafted masks, its main means of expression are song and dance. Noh is a meditative art to be enjoyed mainly through one's imagination. All universal human emotions that we share with the generations of the past are depicted in Noh's libretto. In ancient Japan, Noh used to be performed at temples and shrines as an offering to the gods. Its values and aesthetics have become a key element in the formation of Japan's cultural identity. In view of Noh's role as Japan's cultural and spiritual ambassador to the world, Yamamoto Noh Theater would like to offer a few select excerpts from famous Noh plays.

Performance in Japanese, with translation into Romanian and English
Duration: 50min
Date of premiere: 24.06.2022
Original title: 能の

Shows and Tickets

24.06, 18:00

Online    24h
30 LEI