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The Telescopic Space of Knowledge.
Lia Perjovschi 
Lia Perjovschi (born 1961) lives in Bucharest and Sibiu and has studies at the National Art Academy of Bucharest.

She is the founder and coordinator of CAA /CAA (”Contemporary Art Archive and Centre for Art Analysis”), an organic work-in-progress project that started in 1985, and KM (Knowledge Museum), a project based on an ongoing interdisciplinary research that began in 1999.

Her activity can be summarized as a journey from her own body to the body of knowledge and was present in more than 700 exhibitions, lectures, workshops around the world.

Astra Library Sibiu

in the frame of 

Spațiul telescopic al cunoașterii will display about Documenta in general and Documenta fifteen in particular… (from today04/19/2022)…

Documenta is a major Contemporary Art Exhibition held every five years in Kassel, Germany. June 8 to September 25, 2022.


Thank you Documenta Foundation for the book donation. 

Astra Library Sibiu

Building B 5 floor

Telescopic space for knowledge

A visual guide, an imaginary museum come true, an adventure, a telescopic space, an atlas of ideas, a spaceship to take off, an encyclopedia…

Exact location: ASTRA County Library Sibiu (Corp B)
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