The Prince Of Lanling (Online)

Text by: LUO Huaizhen
Directed by: WANG Xiaoying
With: Prince Lan Ling - ZHANG Haoyue, Queen - XIA Lixin, King - LI Ren, Zheng Er - YU Fengxia, Prime Minister A - WANG Nan, Prime Minister B- ZOU Yizheng, Yuchi Lin -CHEN Cheng, Performer- ZHANG Jinhe
Stage Design: ZHANG Wu
Light Design: XING Xin
Costume Design: PENG Dinghuang
Composer: TIAN Zhenzi

“The Prince of Lanling” develops new plots from a legend featuring Lanling in the Northern Qi Dynasty in ancient China. Lanling who witnessed his father death pretends to be a weak womanish prince concealing his true self. His mother, the Queen gives him a mask carved with mythical creatures bequeathed by his father, the former King. After taking the mask Lanling, who gains miraculous powers, sweeps all the enemies invincibly, becoming extremely cruel and brutal. In the end, the Queen sacrifices her life with her maternal love to help her son return to his true self.

Performance in Chinese, with translation into English 
Duration: 2h 5min
Date of premiere: 11.07.2017
Original title: 兰陵王

Shows and Tickets

28.06, 22:00

Online    24h
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