The King Dies (Online)
Theater in der Josefstadt GmbH

Text by: Eugène Ionesco
Translated into German by: Claus Bremer, Hans Rudolf Stauffacher
Directed by: Claus Peymann
Stage and lighting concept: Achim Freyer
Scenography: Moritz Nitsche
Costumes: Margit Koppendorfer
Music: Franz Wittenbrink
Dramaturgy: Jutta Ferbers
Lights: Ulrich Eh
Cast: Bernhard Schir - the King, Lore Stefanek - Marguerite, the first Queen,
Maria Köstlinger - Marie, the second Queen, Johannes Krisch - the doctor, Johanna Mahaffy - Juliette, the King’s housekeeper, Marcus Bluhm - the guard

Berenger is a king, but a ruler without land, without subjects, without power. He is a king of decay: his palace is tottering, plagues are threatening, destruction is spreading, the times are going out of joint, and the King is powerless, unable to do anything about it. He clings to his past, his power. But at the end of the performance, he will have to die, his kingdom will crumble...
A guard announces the stages of disintegration. His first wife, Marguerite, comments on his decline with austere words. She personifies hopeless fate. Marie, his second wife, loves and admires him. She embodies hope. In an hour and a half of stage action, Berenger goes through all the phases of dying, from physical decay to complete dissolution into absolute nothingness, symbolized by a disrobing ritual.

Performance in German, with translation into Romanian and English
Duration: 1h 50min
Date of premiere: 25.09.2021
Original title: Der König stirbt
Special effects: smoke
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