The beauty of the Gospel (Online)
Pro Gospel Timișoara

With: tenor - Daniel Zah & Cristian Madina, Eugen Goldiș – baritone, Cristian Creiniceanu – piano

Gospel music is rooted in the religious music of African-American communities. Nevertheless, the 1930s turned the black-spiritual genre into gospel by adding to the first stylistic and musical innovations typical of mass religious music. Thus, gospel music became more accessible and many American and later European churches adopted this way of worship.
 The main features of the gospel concert “The Beauty of the GOSPEL” are optimism, the joy of promises, the happy hope of finding Jesus once again, as well as repentance, calls to reconcile with God, the experience of conversion sung to others.
 This expression of Beauty and Truth through gospel praises and honours God.

Duration: 1h
Date of premiere: 29.06.2022
Original title: Frumusețea Evangheliei

Shows and Tickets

29.06, 18:00

Online    24h
30 LEI