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Lavinia Crețu
Lavinia Crețu (born 1983) is a visual artist. She lives and works in Sibiu. She has a BA in Graphic Arts from the Art and Design University of Cluj-Napoca. In 2005 she received an Erasmus scholarship at the Faculty of Fine Arts & Design, TEI, Athens, and in 2008 she completed her MA in Graphic Arts within the Bucharest National University of Arts. She co founded two artistic groups: ”Piedică-n talpă” (2009-2010) and ”Nostru” (2016-2017). She works across varied media such as drawing, collage, printing, text art, object, installation, and urban art. She participates in numerous group expositions, conferences and art festivals.

”Resource”, to go back to the source, to dispose of resources, possibilities and means or of a certain mental resilience, all these aspects were nuanced over time in different projects. I resume the idea as a form of expression upon which lately I’ve been focusing persistently: the text art, those personal haikus, words and ideas translated into prints, on paper, on stickers or on various other media, in installations and objects of different sizes. 
Began in 2021, ”Resource” was initially created as a way of finding a form of therapy to tackle the difficult situation of recent times. It simply becomes a reflection of a game between emotions and personal processing, a game that could quickly capture gazes, or one that comes with a set of instructions, while it interactively mobilises the viewer on a quest for surprise sequences, for those texts placed in different rooms, on windows, on interior pillars, on steps and crossing hallways of the Philharmonic. Depending on the location, the texts will be listed on various media such as paper, stickers, and textile materials. In the end, they are spatial sequences that can encourage conversation and reflection.

This exhibition has two different duration of hours 3 and 24. The 3h one takes place at the Sibiu State Philharmonic (Foyer), and the 24h one takes place at the Sibiu State Philharmonic (Public entrance underground)
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