Performances / Theater
Directed by: Jordi Pedrós
Campi Qui Pugui 
The Spanish Season

Directed by: Jordi Pedrós
Performers: Cristina Garcia, Aitana Giralt, Jordi Pedrós, Erik Varea
Producer: CQP Produccions

Watch out! Rats have flooded in the city. They are everywhere: they come out from the buildings, they are behind the trees and in the middle of streets... They are not hiding anymore and they're huge! They are ruling the city and there's no solution that can be taken. There is only one person in the world that can take this hilarious plague away, a flutist coming from far, far away. But, actually, it's a funny plague!

Duration: 45min
Date of premiere: 02.05.2015
Original title: Rats!

Shows and Access

23 June, 12:30


24 June, 12:00

Gura Râului   

25 June, 12:30

Biertan - Central Square   

26 June, 12:00

Pietonala Nicolae Bălcescu