PUZZLE (Online)
"Lucian Blaga" University of Sibiu

Directed by: Ianoș Petrașcu
With: Isabela Haiduc, Andrada Oltean și Constantin Gajim
”People Behind the Scenes”: Valentina Moghină, Ada Bicfalvi
Scenography: Alin Gavrilă
Light design: Dorin Părău și Neluțu Macrea
Sound: David Guță
Scenography assistant: Alexandra Avenian
Project manager assistant: Violeta Buduleci
Project manager: Luminița Bîrsan

“A show in which the audience can decide how the story progresses. A production about interpersonal relationships and rules established by society. Three stories in which everyone holds their own truth. Does anyone have the right to judge them?” (Ianoș Petrașcu)

Performance in Romanian, with translation into English
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 16
Duration: 1h 30min
Date of premiere: 26.06.2021
Original title: Puzzle

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01.07, 22:00

Online    24h
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