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The soldier's tale
Musica Ricercata 
The Romanian and Francophone Seasons

Performance by: Gabriel Bebeselea & Musica Ricercata
Text by: Charles Ferdinand Ramuz
Music by: Igor Stravinsky 
Conductor: Gabriel Bebeșelea
Actor: Miklos Bacs
Ansamblul Musica Ricercata:
Violin: Alexandra Tîrșu
Clarinet: Ciprian Dancu
Bassoon: Laurențiu Darie
Trumpet: Andrei Candrianu
Trombone: Ionuț Palagniuc
Double bass:
Istvan Csata
Percussion: Andrei Marcovici

“The Soldier’s Tale” was born in the aftermath of two very well-known tragedies in modern society: the 1918 flu pandemic and World War I.

After voluntarily exiling himself to Switzerland, Stravinsky, appalled by the horrors of war and by the rise to power of the Bolsheviks in his native Russia – now unrecognisable to his free spirit, composed “L’histoire du soldat” as a protest against warfare and all forms violent conflict.

Under the baton of Gabriel Bebeșela, accompanied by actor Miklos Bacs, Stravinsky’s music becomes a force of nature.

Duration: 50min
Date of premiere: 02.07.2023
Original title: L’HISTOIRE DU SOLDAT

Shows and Access

2 July, 16:00

Curtea Muzeului de Istorie (Casa Altemberger)