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A cathedral full of organs (Online)
The opening event of The Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Edition 30
Switzerland, Romania, Norway
The Swiss, Romanian and Francophone Seasons

Directed by: Brita Falch Leutert, Jürg Leutert & Jean-Christophe Geiser
With: Jean-Christophe Geiser, Lausanne (CH), Paul Cristian, Brasov (RO), Brita Falch Leutert (NO / CH; living in Sibiu), Jürg Leutert (CH, living in Sibiu)

In the Catedrala Luterana Sf. Maria are placed at least seven different organs. Four organ players will present a special for this constellation designed collage. Different musical elements and styles will be used to show the audience in 35 minutes impressions in the absolute center of the city. Familiar and unfamiliar sounds will be produced and arose a broad specter of associations and emotions in the old walls of the Cathedral, on monumental and small instruments, all called organs – as solo instruments and in an ensemble.

Uplifting and purifying - a unique musical experience.

Duration: 35min
Date of premiere: 23.06.2023
Original title: A Cathedral full of Organs

Shows and Access

23 June, 16:00