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The Confluence (Online)
By: Rafael Estévez / Valeriano Paños
Directed and choreographed by: Rafael Estévez / Valeriano Paños
Estévez/Paños y Compañía 
The Spanish Season

Directed and choreographed by: Rafael Estévez / Valeriano Paños
By: Rafael Estévez / Spanish Folklore
Popular music from the Flamenco and the Folklore: Rafael Jiménez “Falo”, Claudio Villanueva / Iván Mellén, Rafael Estévez
Music, script, repertoire: Rafael Estévez
Text: Folklore
Lighting creation: Olga García - AAI
Sound: Chipi Cacheda
Stage manager: María José Fuenzalida
Technical Direction: Olga García
Dancers: Rafael Estévez, Valeriano Paños, Alberto Sellés / Jorge Morera /Jesús Perona
Singer: Rafael Jiménez “Falo”
Guitarist: Claudio Villanueva
Percussionist: Lito Mánez
Production: Estévez/Paños y Compañía, GNP Producciones - Patricia Garzón
International Broadcast and Booking: Aurora Limburg
This production received the public support from the "Agencia Andaluza de Instituciones Culturales - Instituto Andaluz de Flamenco" (Seville) & "Centro Coreográfico Canal - Teatros del Canal" (Madrid).

“La Confluencia” is a new interpretation of the roots of flamenco art’s codes.

Flamenco art is born from Caucasian, Gipsy, Jewish, Moorish and Negritude cultures coming together on Spanish Andalusian ground.

The aim of the project called “La Confluencia” is the creation of a choreography that uses the language of contemporary flamenco dance and seeks inspiration in its past and in contemporary art.

“La Confluencia” is flamenco itself!

Rafael Estévez / Valeriano Paños

A tribute to flamenco as a means of exploring the many choreographic manifestations.

Duration: 1h 20min
Date of premiere: 25.09.2021
Original title: La Confluencia

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23 June, 16:00