visual arts platform (PAV)
Les lèvres rouges
Anamaria Șut
Anamaria Sut lives in Sibiu and has studied fashion for most of her life. After many years of studying abroad, Anamaria focused on slow fashion, sustainability in design and different areas in which art and clothing intersect. Since 2015 she has been working as a freelance fashion designer and collaborates quite often with the Balet Theatre of Sibiu in creating classical and contemporary dance costumes. 

 Her project ”Les levres rouges” started a few years ago and consists in crafting velvet brooches in the shape of the artist’s lips which she offers to people alongside her personal stories about experiences, failures and femininity. During PAV, ”Les levres rouges” asks its visitors to think about these topics while they draw, cut, write and express themselves. 
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