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Whom My Soul Loves
Habima National Theatre 
The Israelian Season

Directed by: Moshe Kepten
Itai Segal
Dramaturgy: Moshe Kepten, Shahar Pinkas
Music: Lior Ronen
Set Design: Eran Atzmon
Lighting Design: Avi Yona Bueno (Bambi)
Costume Design: Oren Dar
Cast: Yehonatan: Avraham Arenson; Adam: Yadin Gellman; Aharon: Yigal Sade; Dvori: Orly Silbersatz; Tamar: Naya Bienstock; Rabbi: Uri Hochman; Police Officer: Amos Buaron; Nurse:  Michal Brand; Ensemble: nadav Shama, Yogev Atias

Late one night, Dvori Baum is summoned to a hospital in central Israel. In the hospital lies her son, seriously wounded in the savage shooting at a youth bar. He is unconscious, and no one can explain to Dvori what happened and what her only son was doing in a bar for gays and lesbians. Thus begins a poignant family drama at the centre of which is a religious 17-year unexpectedly force to come out to his family just hours after his life was miraculously saved. He soon finds himself forced by his family to undergo conversion therapy. The play, written after the tragic events of the Bar Noar.

“The humane message, striving for life and love wherever it is, is transmitted in an emotional, detailed, and even optimistic manner.”

Performance in Hebrew, with translation into Romanian and English
Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 16
Duration: 1h 30min
Date of premiere: 25.12.2021
Original title: Et She'ahava Nafsi

Shows and Access

23 June, 19:00

”Radu Stanca” National Theatre - Big Hall   
1h 30min