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FAUST: A confession
By: Noboru YASUDA, Sennojō SHIGEYAMA, Aki...
Directed by: Akihiro YAMAMOTO
Yamamoto Noh Theater 
The Japanese Season

Directed by: Akihiro YAMAMOTO
Text by: Akihiro YAMAMOTO, Noboru YASUDA, Sennojō SHIGEYAMA
With: Akihiro Yamamoto, Noboru Yasuda

Upon visiting Goethe’s grave, a priest finds an old man sitting on top of it. He scolds him and asks him to go away. The old man replies that he has always lived a life of freedom and has never bowed to any authority. However, once he failed to resist the devil's influence, and now he is haunted by the memories of that time. After asking the priest to pray for him, the old man disappears. The priest starts chanting and the ghost of Faust appears before him to express his gratitude. Suddenly Margarete's ghost also appears and urges Faust to confess his sins. Will Faust's soul ever find peace?

Seldom has one of the most iconic stories of the Western spirit vibrated with such intensity in the rigorous forms of Noh theatre!

Performance in Japanese, with translation into Romanian and English
Duration: 50min
Date of premiere: 29.06.2023
Original title: 『ファウスト』

Shows and Access

30 June, 16:00

Sibiu State Philharmonic   

30 June, 21:00

Sibiu State Philharmonic