Disappear (Online)
Houying Dance Theater

Directed and choreographed by: Hou Ying
With: Dancer of Houying Dance Theater
Composer: Cornelius Berkowitz (Austria)
Lighting design: Chen Jianming
Stage design: Liang Mei
Modeling design: Zhang Qi
Multimedia design: Yang Rui
Special fencing coach: Tian Yuchuan、Liang Jiayue
Producer: Houying Dance Theater
Supporting: China National Fencing Team

One of the human instincts is the desire to win, the desire to survive and the resistance to death. Human beings try their best to be better to exist, but also to better disappear. “Disappear” was born in the chaos of the world, people in different social systems and cultures had no time to respond. They were suddenly deprived of their lives, and their loved ones. Now we are in the “post epidemic” period, with mixed feelings. Witnessing the disaster of human society, the “daily disaster” closer to us is the sword to pierce the will. The “daily disaster” of terror is the disappearance of justice and conscience, which is more horrible than the disappearance of the body.

Performance not recommended to audiences under the age of 18
Duration: 1h 30 min
Date of premiere: 15.10.2021
Original title: 消失

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24.06, 20:00

Online    24h
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